FS-05 - Thunderbolt 1000 Siren 1/25 Scale

The Federal Thunderbolt Model 1000 siren is one of the most iconic warning sirens ever created. These sirens were used mostly for civil defense purposes, but were also used for nuclear power plant warning, dam warnings, tornado warning, and for alerting volunteer firefighters to a call for help. This is a 1/25 scale model kit of this famous siren. 1/25th scale is about 3 times larger than my 1/87 scale kit, the horn and chopper assembly is about 2.5 inches long. There is a picture showing the model in the palm of my hand. There is also a picture with the siren and a human figure in the same scale to give an idea of the size of the real siren compared to a person. This kit is cast in white urethane, and must be assembled and painted by the modeler. The kit contains 16 parts including an aluminum screen. The kit can be built as is for a display model, or can mounted in a wide variety of ways using easily obtained materials from your hobby supplier.

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Thunderbolt 1000 Siren 1/25 Scale

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